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Stand up comedy can lead you into weird situations. Most recently, one of the weirdest has to be watching an explicit sex scene in Outlander with Jen Brister in the latter’s kitchen in preparation for our Droughtlander podcast. (We were reviewing the episode OK).  To be fair, as I’ve watched that episode 30-40 times already I kind of knew what happened but it seemed churlish not to watch. So watch I did.  (End of Episode 9, Season 1 in case you’re wondering).

It has to be said Jen and I probably enjoy making the podcast more than many of our listeners enjoy listening to it. As we currently seem to know most of our listeners by name, this is something we could, if we were so minded, easily check.  Fortunately for our egos we have refrained so far from doing so.  But what is nice is that our selective avid listeners (all 9 of them at the last count) do seem to enjoy our rather meandering analyses of said TV programme. And let’s face it; all stand up comics like to be appreciated. That’s why we do the job after all!


Sent to us by a friend. It probably captures the nature of our podcasts better than she intended!

Last month also saw the first public showing of a film I’m in – which given my love of healthy eating (not) is aptly called Pastry.  It is always odd seeing yourself on the big screen and experiencing for the first time how a room full of strangers view your film, and let’s not be coy about this, how they view YOU. Let’s just say my eating of quite a few pastries in the course of the short film elicited quite a few laughs. It’s just a pity that at the time I thought I was being sexy! As for the film, it fared rather better and was voted Best Short Film at the Films in the City Festival.


Pastry Cast & Crew at Films in the City Festival

In the run up to the screenings fun was had by friends in the audience patiently trying to explain to me how Instagram worked. Yes that’s right: following the adage that you can’t join enough social networking platforms, I finally decided to join Instagram. As my ability to work out how to use the camera on my phone/Kindle is negligible at best, this could prove an interesting foray into social media. Of course in hindsight I should have joined Instagram when I was supporting The Naked Magicians and had photos on a daily basis that I’m guessing quite a few people would have enjoyed seeing. It would seem, as in comedy so in social networking, good timing is essential.

Thanks however to the Aberdeen Comedy Festival, I did get a chance to have a few days holiday in the land of my forefathers which meant being spoilt by my cousins in Dundee and trips to St Andrews and Glamis. At Glamis I enjoyed the additional entertainment of overhearing a group of American tourists continuously trying to figure out who exactly the Queen Mother was in relation to the current Queen. Apparently the clue is not in the title. I did think of intervening and putting them out of their misery but was worried my helpful comment “it was her mum” might warrant additional (and to my mind unnecessary) explanation.

As for my cousins, for some reason I was reminded of my father’s diplomacy and tact when one of their husbands eyed me over the kitchen table with the keen air of an expert during afternoon tea and noted: “Well, looking at you, I’d say 90% of your diet is carbs.” I was so taken aback; I almost stopped munching on my pastry. Almost!

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