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Jen Brister and I have decided to make a podcast. Why? Because no one asked us to.

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Droughtlander Episode 21::
Tune into the final episode of Droughtlander for this season where Jen and I question why the hell we bothered doing this podcast in the first place. I admit that the last episode is one stretch from reality too far and Jen gets her rant on AGAIN. It's a proper finale.

Droughtlander Episode 20:
Jen and I come ever closer to catching up with Season 3 before the finale. Will this podcast become relevant just as the season ends? Probably. In this slightly rushed edition Jen and I tackle the doldrums (sometimes literally) as they look at Episodes 9 & 10. I insist that Jamie can be attractive as he projectile vomits and Jen finds herself somewhat attracted to Claire looking sweaty in a headscarf. You know, the usual.

Droughtlander Episode 19:
Jen and I are elbow deep in Outlander analysis as we turn their attention to episodes 7 & 8. I marvel at Jamie's machismo (again) whilst Jen is confused as to how the ageing process works in 18th century Scotland; and we both agree that neither Claire nor Jamie should be allowed to babysit.

Droughtlander Episode 18:
Here we go again. Jen and I are steaming our way through season 3 like a par of steam...irons...I mean trains. Never mind. In this podcast we look at episodes 5 & 6. As usual, I really enjoy chatting about the 'reunion' and Jen can't help pointing out the continuity holes in time travel. Who knew?

Droughtander Episode 17:
Jen and I are giddy with excitement* as they continue to look at Season 3 of Outlander. This time we turn our attention to episodes 3 & 4. Jen has a lot of opinions that may or may not be fuelled by alcohol and I'm just happy to be talking about Outlander: after all, what else is there? *That maybe an overstatement

Maureen & Jen Talk – vlog #5:
Maureen and Jen talk about the 'big issues' in this month's vlog* *They really don't.

Droughtlander Episode 16:
No one thought this would ever happen, least of all Jen & I BUT we have finally got to season 3! UNBELIEVABLE. Anyway in this podcast we look at episodes 1 & 2 where my excitement is tangible and Jen tries to get a word in edgeways!

Droughtlander Episode 15:
Is this a mirage I see before me...? No its a bumper episode of Droughtlander and in this episode Jen and I manage to cover the final two episodes of Season 2. YES IT'S UNBELIEVABLE! It's only taken us 6 months... (probably longer) Who knows we might actually might get up to date with the current series at some point... don't hold your breath.

Droughtlander Episode 14:
Jen and I are extremely pleased with ourselves as we secure our triptych of podcasts. 3 in a row! It's a miracle, not a real miracle where something miraculous happens, just two comedians taking their job (ha ha no one is getting paid!) a bit more seriously. Tune in to Jen and I discussing episodes 10 & 11. Jen is almost interested, not interested enough to listen to anything that Maureen says obviously, but not bored out of her mind either. Will they get to the end of series 2? Will they ever move on to the series that everyone is actually watching? No one knows, least of all us as we can't see into the future.

Maureen & Jen Talk – blog #4:
Maureen and Jen have deludedly recorded another one of these. It's fine, they've got nothing better to do really....

Droughtlander Episode 13:
Jen and I are delighted to be dissecting Episodes 9 & 10 of Season 2. It's unbelievable that we managed to get our act together to record another one so quickly. Don't expect this to continue... anyway, here you go, another 26 minutes of me falling in love with all things Jamie and Jen finally admitting that she might be enjoying Outlander (just a little bit.)

Droughtlander Episode 12:
Jen and I have finally got our act together and recorded another episode of Droughtlander FOR THE SECOND TIME! (No one knows where the first recording went...) This time we're looking at Episodes 7 & 8 of Series 2. A series that no one is watching because series one is on More 4 and series 3 has just come out on Amazon. Still, we're nothing if not dogged/deluded/clueless.

Droughtlander Episode 11:
It's been a few months but Jen and I  are back again due to no demand whatsoever, with another episode of our critically ignored podcast. This episode they cover episodes 5 & 6 of series 2 where Jen discovers that she prefers season one and I'm still banging on about how Jamie is the 'perfect man.' So, if that tickles your fancy get listening!

Maureen & Jen Talk – vlog #3:
Maureen and Jen are vlogging again - No one's asked them to do this...literally no one.

Maureen & Jen Talk – vlog #2:
It's Maureen and Jen talking again about stuff. What stuff? Just watch it yeah?

Droughtlander Episode 10:
Jen and I are still doing this podcast much to everyone's indifference. This time we look at episodes 3 & 4, or rather I do because Jen appears to have no idea what the hell is going on at any given moment.

Droughtlander Episode 9:
Jen and I  are BACK analysing the hit Scottish Highlands time travel show that is Outlander. We are finally on to Series 2 and in this episode we take a gander at the first two episodes. It's riveting stuff. Even if Jen is seemingly bored to tears with the whole thing now, I am as ever...ENTHRALLED (thought admittedly not as much as I was with Season 1).  

Maureen & Jen Talk – First vlog:
Maureen and Jen are trying a bit of self promotion and failing miserably. But if you have 4 minutes of your life you don't mind losing to their company then tune in!

Droughtlander Episode 8:
Tune in to the final episode of Droughtlander where both Jen and I try to dissect the final two traumatic episodes of Outlander. Jen has no idea why I made her watch them and I am still foggy eyed about the whole show even after watching 437 times. (OK, around 40 times and counting).

Droughtlander Episode 7:
Jen and I are still wittering on about Outlander much to the general indifference of the entire breathing planet. Still we think at least 12 people are listening. Here we discuss Eps 12-14 where we can finally agree on something... and that is that Episode 14 need never have happened. Enjoy.

Droughtlander Episode 6:
Jen & I delve once more into the intricate plot, narrative, characters and psychological drama of the hit period/sci-fi/fantasy/historical show that is Outlander. It would help if we had any idea what episode we were talking about. To be honest I don’t think making notes has helped us seem anymore professional. Still, we had a go. Why not join us as we try to fathom why Claire is so ridiculously hot headed, Jamie is so ridiculously romantic and Gellis has such ridiculously unflattering outfits. Needless to say we’re none the wiser by the end of this episode.

Droughtlander Episode 5:
Another Episode for all Outlander fans, this time Jen and I go into forensic detail looking at episodes 8 & 9 of series one. Jen even has more than one opinion which makes a change. I on the other hand can’t get enough of the show. If nothing else we learn that Jen & me shouldn’t watch sex scenes together, it’s just awkward.

Droughtlander Episode 4:
Episode 4 of the not so official Outlander Podcast from Jen Brister and me. Join us hiding behind a wall in the BFI trying to discuss various sex scenes whilst being interrupted by the noise of traffic, random passers by and a man with emphysema. No one could accuse us of being a professional outfit, but if you like the show you might like this and if you don’t like the show you might like this. What we’re saying is, you might like this. Oh never mind.

Droughtlander Episode 3:
Jen are I are back by literally no demand with our third episode all about Outlander. Yeah, we’re still talking about it. Join us as we not only discuss my favourite television programme of all time but why Jen always gets asked to leave the women’s toilets and how everyone should have an ‘occasional stool.’ Don’t ask, just tune in!

Droughtlander Episode 2:
Jen and I are BACK with yet another podcast about all things Outlander(ish). Listen in if you have nothing better to do. I mean listen in if like me  you LOVE Outlander, or if like Jen a friend has made you watch it! What can I tell you, this podcast is pretty niche…. apart from Jen dissecting my love life and telephone habits.

Droughtlander Episode 1:
The first in a brand new series all about my favourite television show OF ALL TIME, Outlander! Listen in if you love the show, or if you love Sam Heughan or if you fancy Caitriona Balfe or if you’re fascinated by Jacobite history (maybe not) or if you’ve just missed my dulcet tones and those of  Jen. (unlikely) Whatever if your reason you won’t regret it. (Again I can’t promise that.)

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #9:
Jen and I are hysterical. It’s not our fault.  We are currently in the middle of a journey from hell. Join us halfway on a Virgin train from Birmingham to Euston – – luckily for listeners this is before the night bus breaks down, Jen freaks out cause she thinks she’s lost her wallet and finally falls asleep wedged between a coffee table and a sofa….

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #8:
It’s been a while but  Jen & I are BACK! And this time we’re taking a more cerebral approach and discussing Classical philosophy and Nietzsche… OF COURSE WE’RE NOT! We’re just wittering on about bugger all as usual, but this in time in the fabulous company of Leisa Rea. Do listen, you’ll learn nothing.

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #7:
Jen and I are still talking into dead air, much to the general inertia of the public. This time we nearly discuss a trip to Vienna, ruminate over my latest 38th birthday and talk to the wonderful Suzi Ruffell

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #6:
It maybe a New Year, but some things never change. Tune in to Maureen and Jen’s brand new offering for 2014. It’s packed full of exciting…er…well chit chat really….

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #5:
Tis the Season to be JOLLY! Fal la la la la etc. Here’s a little seasonal podcast to help you get through this yuletide period. Merry Christmas!

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #4:
It’s time for the fourth podcast from Maureen and Jen. This time we get deep and personal when we discuss Maureen’s celebrity status, Jen’s award winning career and Crosse & Blackwell soup.

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast #3:
Jen and I find ourselves at a loose end in Stockport, so with the option of watching Les Miserables or recording a podcast we decide to create this nonsense with our comedy friends, Angie McEvoy and Kerry Leigh. Expect far too much information on pound sandwich shops, sexy pirates and chicken goujons. You have been warned.

Maureen and Jen’s Podcast: #2:
The second of what is so far two podcasts. See how it works? Jen and I are back with more nonsense but a better understanding of how to use Garageband. Unfortunately this hasn’t improved the content of the podcast. Still, if you want to hear about my trip to Milton Keynes then TUNE IN! Also Jen makes a chicken casserole. This podcast is so rock n roll! (In no way whatsoever).

Maureen and Jen’s first podcast:
In our first ever podcast we ask important questions like? Why the hell are we doing a podcast anyway? Can you record your voice without a mic? And does anyone read German literature in German if they’re not German? They do if they’re me. With their special guest, writer VG Lee, Jen and I tackle the important issues of the day. Let’s just say that things are said that can never be unsaid. Mainly because Jen recorded it and stuck it on here.


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