The Outsider – One Woman Show

How I became the only London Scottish, Austrian German-speaking, Black Lesbian comic on the circuit despite being white, straight and British!

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 Always an outsider, the show charts how since starting stand up and regularly working on the gay and urban comedy circuits, I have inadvertently become one of Britain’s busiest black, lesbian comedians!  In the show I chart my progress from an ultra-Scottish upbringing in North London via Kiev, Moscow, Vienna, Paris, Mallorca, Berlin and various towns around Frankfurt to working as a stand up comedian and compere both in the UK and abroad including gigging in German!  (Despite being British, I speak 5 languages).

quick, raw, emotional and hysterically funny

Maureen Younger never ceases to make me laugh! This (honorary) black, Scottish, lesbian comedian (well the Scottish isn’t honorary, she actually is) delivers truly clever comedy! Her grasp of language, culture and community were precision tools in telling this story which left me standing on my feet and doubled over in laughter”.

Brilliant preview of Maureen Younger’s Edinburgh Show ‘The Outsider’ at Juney’s Comedy Club in June. Her full length show is a well-crafted hour revealing all the different ‘Outsider’ elements of Maureen’s background which showcases the confident, intelligent and naturally funny person she is – highly recommended!”
Julie Homfray, Juney’s Comedy Club


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