MY Acting

As an actor, roles range from playing an angry German housewife in Band of Brothers to an alcoholic, Jewish, New Yorker with a gay son in Roger and Miriam, workshopping Philoctetes at the National Theatre Studio to playing Saunders in Fallen Angels by Noel Coward at the English Theatre Berlin. I recently had the lead role in Pastry, a short film by director Eduardo Barreto.

‘I had wanted to work with Maureen Younger for fifteen years since I had auditioned her for one of my theatre productions then. So, when the script for PASTRY came my way I immediately thought of her. Maureen Younger didn’t disappoint. She was on set before everyone else, for her hair and make-up. Always in a wonderful mood first thing in the morning, cheering us all moody film techies, even after a late stand-up routine every evening which Maureen was booked for that week. Her work ethics are first class, and she is a wonderful nuanced actor. Most of her subtleties on that film came from her. She is intuitive and a good listener. Maureen made my job incredibly easy’.

(Eduardo Barreto, Director)