I’m a stand up comic, compere, actor, ad hoc radio talking head and writer for magazines such as the new online magazine for switched on women  Standard IssueHer Edit, as well as Psychologies Magazine‘s new blogging platform, Life Labs.

As a comic I also gig in German because clearly I enjoy a challenge!  I’ve previously lived in the then Soviet Union (yes, I’m that old), Austria, Germany, France and Spain.  So as you can tell I believe in having a focused life plan.  As a result, I’m also one of those rare creatures – a Brit who speaks languages!  After having worked and lived abroad for several years, I started doing stand up and in addition I run several comedy nights featuring all-female line ups in London and Birmingham.  In addition, I organise shows for the Shout Festival, Coventry Pride and the Bradford Literary Festival.

This blog will reflect my interests – primarily me (fortunately for me I find myself fascinating), comedy as well as posts on my favourite novels and films.  As an inveterate Germanophile, not surprisingly a number of German language films and novels will feature quite heavily in this blog!

Happy Reading!

Trailer for the latest short film I star in – Pastry, directed by Eduardo Barreto.



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  1. Excellent work Maureen. Big fans here! And thanks for being such a great mentor to the up and coming female comics too.

  2. Maureen is an excellent MC who has gigged for us several times. I would highly recommend her as a warm, engaging and above all, funny performer! Some of our audience members came especially to our last event having seen her at our gig before and they have become loyal fans. On a personal note, Maureen is extremely supportive to other women in comedy and me personally, I greatly value that support.

  3. “Compere/host was hilarious and created a really good stand-up vibe”
    “The compare was great, we liked her a lot”
    “The compere was fantastic and we would definitely attend another of her gigs”
    “Maureen (the MC) was brilliant”

    Just some of the audience feedback when Maureen compered at our charity show, with an Award-winning/BBC Writing line up, for Stand Up For Women, April 20th 2015!

    THANK YOU Maureen, you were FAB!

  4. I have had the pleasure of having Maureen host my Live at the Catwalk show two years on the trot and each year she has blown the audience away with her incredible wit and banter. I’d argue she is one of, if not the finest lady on the comedy circuit and missing the opportunity to see her live would be an easy loss. Always a pleasure to work with and also a very kind lady. Can’t wait to work with you again in the future.

  5. Never seen the crowd laugh so much it was a pleasure having you at the event. Defo recommend one of Maureen’s gigs !!

  6. Having Maureen at our fundraising Live at the Catwalk Variety Show was great – great interaction with the audience, witty responses and overall a hilarious night leaving my cheeks sore, I don’t think I remember the last time I laughed this much! I’m glad to have been a part of the same project as Maureen and I wish her the best of luck. I would love to attend more of your gigs Maureen, keep it up!

  7. Teresa Lia says

    Hi id like to write a few words to let you know what amazing nights out the comedy night is . It is so refreshing to go out and see some amazingly funny and on the ball acts who never fail to get the crowd not only laughing but howling with laughter. Maureen Younger is incredibly funny in her execution of the crowd she never fails to involve everyone in the club and if you thing your getting away with it at the back how wrong you would be, the whole crowd get involved for a great funny fun filled night out which not only entertains the regulars who go but draws in a lot of new locals as the months go by, what a great way to start a ladies night out or just relax and enjoy all the new and up and coming talent that tread the boards weekend after weekend. A great entertaining funny growing platform for new talent and the regulars to build their reputations on. A really don’t miss evening out .

  8. It takes a cunning linguist in the form of Maureen Younger to defibrilate Coventry into remembering what it is to be a city. Dispatched from the Capital and armed with comics on either side, she reminds the 12th largest and seemingly pulseless city, what it is to show signs of life on a Sunday night. Skilfully trained in the deployment of mirth, she frequently delivers doses of electrical energy straight to the heart, often when people aren’t looking. When she’s off stage, her companions take up the baton and together they don’t stop until a crowd has gathered and a venue has had reason to stay open beyond 6pm. You could call it using the arts for urban regeneration or giving women a voice. I prefer to call it having a laugh.

  9. Great night, have not laughed so much in a long time… too long…my first time at MY Comedy night…yes
    will defo be back for more thank you!

  10. Maureen performed at our early Christmas party at the weekend and she was HILARIOUS! Shock, surprise and big belly laughter is what went down and I couldn’t have asked for a better set! People were asking where I found her and wanted her contact details. I was very glad I chose her for our entertainment. Thank you Maureen. Merry Christmas! Xx

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