MY Comic Life – Talk

A talk about my colourful “comic life” from my beginnings in a Scottish Presbyterian working-class enclave  in North London (i.e. my parent’s house) to being known as the “baddest white girl in my year” (to be fair I  was more or less the only white girl in my year so all I had to do was turn up); to attending university and going on to study or work in Austria, Spain, Germany and France and the then Soviet Union (or as I prefer to call it, to make me sound younger, Russia and Ukraine). Then it was life as a Yuppie in the 80s (I lasted 6 months) as well as working for a Japanese company in Germany where I was sacked  after 3 months for not epitomising a traditional Japanese woman (who would have guessed?); not forgetting my stint as a bi-lingual PA for a top lawyer at a leading Franco-American law firm on the Champs-Elysées in Paris despite not being able to speak French or type. I am now one of the few (if only) comedians who regularly gigs on the mainstream, urban and gay comedy circuits as well as gigging in German in Germany.

A story about leading an unconventional life and knocking certain entrenched stereotypes and assumptions on the head in the process.

refreshing ….. very witty” – Sarah Parfitt, Media Hub

informative and interesting ….. you have such a great way of getting your stories over and everyone hangs onto your every word” – Emma-Jane Taylor NutriousWorks

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